Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. And Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. Announce Licensing Agreements For Ultraman Expansion In Taiwan.


Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. And Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.  Announce Licensing Agreements For Ultraman Expansion In Taiwan.

Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. (HQ Banqiao, New Taipei City. Representative: Yung-liang Yang) and Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. (HQ Shibuya, Tokyo. COO: Masayuki Nagatake) have signed a joint licensing contract coming into effect on April 1st, 2022. The contract seeks to expand the sale of the Ultraman Series and other licensed Tsuburaya products in Taiwan.


■ The background to the licensing agreements

In June 2021, Beast Kingdom and Tsuburaya developed and sold Beast Kingdom-original high quality action figures, plushies, toys, and more based on the popular Ultraman and Kaiju Step series. Starting in Taiwan, sales expanded globally to Asia, North America, Europe, and further, and the two companies built a mutually beneficial partnership.

Beast Kingdom boasts great success in their wholesale of licensed character goods in Taiwan and their successful distribution network and has demonstrated their ability to develop products and plan events in-line with the Ultraman Series. The Ultraman Series and Tsuburaya’s works have grown in popularity in Taiwan, and this contract seeks to further combine the two companies’ strengths; together they aim to further expand access to licensed Ultraman goods in Taiwan.


■Company Profiles                           


Name Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd(野獸國股份有限公司)
Address 12F, No. 210, Sec. 1, Sanmin Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City, 22069, Taiwan
Representative Yung-liang Yang
Industry IP Licensing and Wholesale. Planning and development of events, conventions, lifestyle goods, apparel, and toys.
Capital 600 million JPY
Founded 2009

Name Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. (株式会社円谷プロダクション)
Address Shibuya Garden Tower 24F, Nanpeidaicho16-17, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0036, Japan
Representative Masayuki Nagatake
Industry Movie planning, production, distribution, and sale.
Product merchandising and advertising licensing.
Event planning, production, and operation.
Provision of modeling and movie making technologies.
Capital 310 million JPY
Founded 1963



■The Scope of the Contract

Tsuburaya Productions grants the following rights to Beast Kingdom for the purpose of expanding Ultraman Series and other Tsuburaya goods in Taiwan.

  • Streaming License
  • Merchandising License
  • Advertising License
  • Event License


■Upcoming Events

The Taipei ’22 Movie & Toy Convention will be held in July, and Beast Kingdom will run an Ultraman display booth to showcase the latest Ultraman information and alluring Ultraman goods for Business Partners and fans alike.

  • Event Name:Taipei 22’Movie & Toy Convention
  • Bio:A joint exhibition in Taipei held every summer for anime, manga, movies, games, toys and other subculture industries.
  • Schedule:2022/7/28~2022/8/1 10:00~18:00
  • Venue:Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1(No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan)
  • Web:






■Official Websites and SNS Profiles


Tsuburaya Productions Global Website:
ULTRAMAN Global Twitter:
ULTRAMAN Taiwan Facebook:
ULTRAMAN Global Facebook:


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