[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-051 Disney The Little Mermaid: Ariel Master Craft Figure Statue
Ariel, the mermaid with the bright red hair and emerald green tail from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” has certainly held a place in the hearts of many fans since childhood. Ariel, a vibrant mermaid princess, is full of curiosity about...
Beast Kingdom EA-047 Marvel Studios The First Ten Years Edition: Iron Man Mark 3 Floating Egg Attack Figure (Limited Metallic Black & Gold Edition)
Here comes the new limited edition EA-047 Marvel's Avengers Iron Man Special Edition (BLACK X GOLD).this figure uses electromagnetic attraction and repulsion to emulate a floating effect! Features: - 6 inch Iron Man Mark 3 Metallic Magnetic Floating Iron Man Mark...
RM699.00 RM594.15
[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-026 Marvel Avengers: Endgame Master Craft Nano Gauntlet 1/14,000,605 Futures 1:1 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
・Includes LED light-up function・Includes Micro USB cable x 1・USB Charger is not included And I...am...Iron Man!The movie ‘Avengers Endgame’ was a bittersweet farewell to one of the most iconic Superheros in movie history. Nearly ten years of world building led...
Beast Kingdom MDS-001 Alice in Wonderland Series Set Mini Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Release Date: Q4, 2022 Product Measurements: MDS:10cm Beast Kingdom’s 2022 product line will include a launch of new Mini D-Stage series. The overall height of each diorama is approximately 10 centimeters and the classic characters are beautifully presented. Each figure is...
Beast Kingdom DS-115 Disney Story Book Series: Cinderella Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Release Date: Q4, 2022 Product Measurements: 6 inch Approx. 13.5 cm The many female characters from the world Disney have fascinated and inspired generations of fans for decades! Each generation has its own favorite character to call all its own, and...
Beast Kingdom DAH-069 Disney DuckTales Huey Dewey Louie Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figures
Release Date: Q4, 2021 ・Classic Duck Tales design, standing at approximately 3-inches tall・Over 12 point of articulation ・Two (2) replaceable mouth sculpts (open, closed) ・Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands・Three (3) dedicated fishing rods・Three (3) fish ・One (1) football・One (1)...
RM429.00 RM364.65
Beast Kingdom Disney Princess Egg Attack Keychain - Mulan Series
Features:- Beast Kindom Disney Princess Egg Attack Key Chain - Mulan (Limited)- Designed as a Mulan with keychain- Let you attach it to your keys or bag for convenient- Official Disney authorized product- Designed by Beast KindomPackage Contents:1 x Beast...
RM30.00 RM15.00
Beast Kingdom Avengers: Endgame Series ARC Reactor Tee (Black)
Detail :-Colour : Black-Size: LMarvel fans can also keep up with the popular footsteps, and the beast country launches a Iron Man collection, the complete choice for fans to show their style in style.Take Note :*The size of the product may...
RM119.00 RM59.50
Beast Kingdom Toy Story 4: Egg Attack Keychain Series - Ducky and Bunny
Purchase Notes: - Please pay attention to children and pets to avoid the risk of suffocation. - Contains small parts. Please place the product in a place where pets and children are not easy to get, and avoid dangers such as swallowing. -...
RM30.00 RM15.00
[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-052 Disney Steamboat Willie: Minnie Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q3, 2022 In 1928’s classic Disney release “Steamboat Willie”, a host of famous characters graced the screen, some for the very first time. Filmed in black and white, the movie is cherished by fans of classic Disney animations....
Beast Kingdom MC-023 Disney Pixar Toy Story Woody Master Craft Statue
Model: MC023 Woody Mastercraft       Product Measurements:  Approx. W23.5cm x D23.5cm x H46cm                                             "YouÕve got a...
Beast Kingdom DS-081 Marvel Avengers Endgame: Iron Man MK85 Mark LXXXV Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ takes fans of the Avengers back to the very last stand against Thanos with the release of two ‘Endgame ’themed D-Stage dioramas to collect and cherish, with two of the most celebrated characters ready to...
Beast Kingdom DS-082 Marvel Avengers Endgame: Thor Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ takes fans of the Avengers back to the very last stand against Thanos with the release of two ‘Endgame ’themed D-Stage dioramas to collect and cherish, with two of the most celebrated characters ready to...
Beast Kingdom MC-055 Disney Pixar Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear 1:4 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
Product Measurements: Approx. 40cm height Pixar is ready to take fans back to the world of Toy Story with the very first solo animated movie outing of Buzz Lightyear! ‘Lightyear’ focuses on Buzz’s origin story, focusing on the Space Trooper earning...
Beast Kingdom DAH-029 Disney Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End: Davy Jones Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q4, 2021 ・20 points of articulation・Replaceable captain’s coat and right arm, made of PVC・Removable captain’s hat・Davy Jones broadsword ・Sheath for sword・Dead Man’s Chest (Chest can be opened)・Removable cane ・One pipe・Three (3) replaceable right hands (cane-holding hand, sword-holding hand...
RM658.00 RM559.30
Beast Kingdom DS-073 Disney PIXAR WALL-E Eve Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Release Date: Q1, 2023 Product Measurements: 6 inch=12.9-14.1 cm The story of Wall-E starts off with a ravaged Earth in the year 2805. With humanity long gone, the planet is full of waste and garbage. A fleet of cleaning robots scourge...
Beast Kingdom DAH-042 Disney Classic Donald Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Model: DAH042 Disney Classic Donald DuckProduct Measurements: 1/9 Approx. 16 cm heightPackage Measurements: L16 x W7 x H23.8 cm Disney wouldn’t be what it is today without the famous ‘Donald Duck’ and his sailor inspired character!A staple of Disney’s famous...
RM359.00 RM305.15
Beast Kingdom DS-084 Marvel: Loki Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
2021 saw the launch of two highly celebrated tv shows by Disney and Marvel, ‘WandaVision’ and ‘Loki’. The culmination of the Infinity War Saga allowed Marvel’s MCU to branch out into many new and exciting stories for some of its...
Beast Kingdom EAA-087 Marvel Comic: Venom Egg Attack Action Figure
Model: Egg Attack Action Figure (EAA) EAA087With great power however in this case doesn’t always come great responsibility! One of the greatest Spider-Man villains of ALL TIME - Eddie Brock the Venom!Beast Kingdom is excited to recreate 6-inches of menacing...
RM498.00 RM423.30
Beast Kingdom MEA-028SP Marvel Avengers: Hulkbuster Special Edition Mini Egg Attack Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2021 Veronica can be assembled on the base The Mini Egg Attack (MEA) series of stylized figurines from ‘The Entertainment Experience Brand’, Beast Kingdom, strives for cuteness as well as fun, movie accurate depictions of popular icons....
RM170.00 RM144.50
Beast Kingdom EAA-120 The Dark Knight The Joker
Release Date: Q2, 2021 Model: EAA-120 The Dark Knight The Joker Product Measurements:  Approx. 16.5cm height                                             ÒMadness is like...
RM374.00 RM317.90
Soap Studio DY056 Ice Cream Stitch Figure
The Ice Cream Stitch Figure is giving you a refreshment in this hot summer! A crunchy cone is filled with tasty and creamy vanilia ice cream, top with syrup and colorful sprinkles, becomes a delectable ice cream cone. The mischievous Stitch's...
Soap Studio DY059 Disney Minnie Mouse Crazy Cactus Figure
Sow the seeds and magical things will appear! Look, the Minnie cactus is growing and this magical cactus brings you unexpected surprise!With a core natural green color, the beloved classic Disney characters Minnie Mouse is cleverly blended into the vivid...
Soap Studio DY090 Disney Donald Duck Gold Hunter Ornament
There is lots of hidden gold in a common mine cave and Donald Duck is sitting in a bright red mine cart flagged with his label . The cart is full of gold and Donald Duck jut out his body...
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