Beast Kingdom MC-070 100th Anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios Tuxedo Bugs Bunny 1:4 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q1, 2024 Product Measurements: W22*D18.5*H46cm ⊁ 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios limited edition⊁ A perfect replica of the water tower from the Warner Bros. Studios'.⊁ Manual injection molding, with professionally graded paint⊁ Exclusive iron set plaque⊁ Limited to...
RM1,241.00 RM1,116.90
Soap Studio AM019P Looney Tunes - Erosion Bugs Bunny Figure (Pink Ver.) By Instinctoy (Limited Edition)
"AM019P LT - Erosion Bugs Bunny Figure (Pink Ver.) By InstinctoySoap Studio and Warner Bros. collaborate with INSTINCTOY again fora new pink version of Erosion Bugs Bunny Figure.The carrot held in Bugs Bunny’s hand is turning into red and the...
Beast Kingdom EA-043 Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Egg Attack Figure Statue
Product Measurements: W24*D16.5*H18cm - Limited to 3,000 sets worldwide- Classic, yet exciting design - Q-style release - Exquisite sculpting and coloring techniques Grogu is a beloved character from "The Mandalorian", "Star Wars" franchise. Despite being over 50 years old, he has...
RM612.00 RM550.80
Beast Kingdom MC-069 League of Legends Master Craft Nunu & Beelump 1:4 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q2, 2024 Product Measurements: W31*35*H35cm ⩁ World famous video game 《League of Legends》merchandise ⩁ Manual injection molding, with professionally graded paint⩁ Exclusive iron set plaque⩁ Limited to 3,000 sets worldwide Bound together by ancient power and a shared love...
RM1,624.00 RM1,461.60
Beast Kingdom MC-061 Disney Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Master Craft Queen Grimhilde 1:4 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q1, 2024 Product Measurements: Approx.41cm height - Manual injection molding, with professionally graded paint- Exclusive iron set plaque- Limited to 3,000 sets worldwide Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?Get ready for an epic...
RM1,096.00 RM986.40
Beast Kingdom MEA-036 Warner Bros. Space Jam: A New Legacy Series Taz Mini Egg Attack Figure
Product Measurements: Approx. 3 inch8-10cm This year’s hottest basketball team from the Looney Tunes squad are joined with NBA superstar Lebron James in a New Legacy of Space Jam players! Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ presents a collection of 3-inch...
[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-045 Game of Thrones: Iron Throne Master Craft Figure Statue
When You Play The Game Of Thrones, You Win Or You Die. There Is No Middle Ground.” The cult classic, Game Of Thrones was one of the most well-received fantasy series in television history. Bringing to life the epic fantasy...
[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-052 Disney Steamboat Willie: Minnie Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q3, 2022 In 1928’s classic Disney release “Steamboat Willie”, a host of famous characters graced the screen, some for the very first time. Filmed in black and white, the movie is cherished by fans of classic Disney animations....
Beast Kingdom LS-023SP Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man: Mark XLIV Hulkbuster 1:1 Life Size Figure Statue (Special Edition)
Release Date: Q2, 2022 Product Measurements: Approx. H300 x W260 cm x D180cmApprox. 660 KGVoltage: 110 / 220vPackaging: Least 6 wooden boxes * The paint has been upgraded to a limited gold and black coloring.*Authentic and detailed likeness of Hulkbuster in Avengers:...
[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-026 Marvel Avengers: Endgame Master Craft Nano Gauntlet 1/14,000,605 Futures 1:1 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
・Includes LED light-up function・Includes Micro USB cable x 1・USB Charger is not included And I...am...Iron Man!The movie ‘Avengers Endgame’ was a bittersweet farewell to one of the most iconic Superheros in movie history. Nearly ten years of world building led...
[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-047 Warner Bros. Space Jam A New Legacy: Bugs Bunny Master Craft Figure Statue
It has been two and half decades since 1996’s monster smash hit Space Jam hit cinemas! This year, to mark the 25th anniversary Warner Brothers is once again bringing the Looney Tunes basketball squad to the silver screen with a...
Beast Kingdom DAH-024DX DC Batman The Dark Knight: The Joker Deluxe Edition Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2021 ・Two (2) included Joker head sculpts (eyes facing forward, eyes looking sideways) ・Four (4) replaceable pairs of hands・Set of interrogation table and chair・Non-adjustable desk lamp・Real fabric clothing, including: Worn floral shirt, green vest, pants. ・Batman head...
RM498.00 RM423.30
Beast Kingdom DS-076SP Disney Classic: The Lion King Special Edition Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Beast Kingdom, ‘The Entertainment Experience Brand’ is going back to the Animal Kingdom, with a special edition Lion King Diorama, featuring a gang of merry friends! Hakuna Matata, ‘it means no worries’ sings Timon the meerkat and Pumba the warthog,...
RM180.00 RM153.00
Beast Kingdom MEA-028SP Marvel Avengers: Hulkbuster Special Edition Mini Egg Attack Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2021 Veronica can be assembled on the base The Mini Egg Attack (MEA) series of stylized figurines from ‘The Entertainment Experience Brand’, Beast Kingdom, strives for cuteness as well as fun, movie accurate depictions of popular icons....
RM170.00 RM144.50
Beast Kingdom MEA-025SP Marvel Avengers Bro Thor and Korg Game Time Mini Egg Attack Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2021 Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is back with a fun and cute Mini Egg Attack, 3-inch figurine straight from the vaults of Avengers: Endgame. Join the now out of shape ‘Bro Thor’ as he kicks back...
RM150.00 RM127.50
Beast Kingdom MC-021SP DC Batman The Dark Knight Rises: The Dark Knight Memorial Statue White Faux Marble Texture Edition Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q3, 2021 Since the statues are hand-painted, the discontinuity of the marble pattern on the surface is a normal phenomenon No matter how long the night is, it’s always darkest before the dawn! Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’...
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Beast Kingdom EAA-143SP Marvel Comics: Absolute Carnage Egg Attack Action Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2021 ・Carnage special figure, about 18 movable joints・Full translucent body, showcasing the awe of symbiosis・Two (2) replacement eyes・Built-in light-emitting function in the Carnage head sculpt ・Three (3) replacement hands・Two (2) symbiote weapons (axe, sword)・One pair of symbiosis...
RM398.00 RM338.30
Beast Kingdom EAA-107 Star Wars Episode II: Jango Fett Egg Attack Action Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2021 ・Articulable helmet T-Visor ・Removable jet backpack・Two (2) blaster pistols・Three (3) pairs of replacement hands (Fist, open, grip)・Special, branded figure base with bracket・BK summer limited. Only 1000PCS available Attention Star Wars fans, Jango Fett, and the original...
RM398.00 RM338.30
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Beast Kingdom DAH-050SP Disney Mickey Classic Version Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2021 ・Retro design, black and white Mickey Mouse・Two (2) replaceable faces (Smiling, Wide Laughter) ・Four (4) types of replaceable hands・BK summer limited. Only 1000PCS available In 1928, Disney brought to life, the most famous mouse in history,...
RM299.00 RM254.15
Beast Kingdom EAA-087SP Marvel Comics: Toxin Egg Attack Action Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2021 ・EGG Attack Action design, with up to 24 points of articulation, including a movable tongue ・Three (3) replaceable eye designs (Normal, Large and small eyes, wide eyed) ・Four (4) Piranha design, snapping symbiotic special effects (two...
RM498.00 RM423.30
Beast Kingdom DAH-038SP The Fast and the Furious: Luke Hobbs (Limited Edition) Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2021 ・DAH muscular design, with over 20 points of articulation・Luke Hobbs head sculpts ・M134 Heavy machine gun・Ammunition box and gun belt・Pistol・Four (4) pairs of replacement hands (Open, fist, grip, holding weapon)・Special, branded figure base with bracket・Figure height:...
RM548.00 RM465.80
[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-038 Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mark 50 Helmet Battle Damaged Master Craft Figure Statue
Limited edition of 3000 pieces worldwide Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ proudly presents the latest in Master Craft, quality craftsmanship, The MC-038, Avengers Endgame, Battle Damaged Iron Man Helmet. Prior to the events of End Game, making their stand against...
[LIMITED 2,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MEA-035 Harry Potter Series: Harry Potter Set 8-in-1 Bundle Collection Mini Egg Attack Figure Statues
Limited edition of 2000 pieces worldwide Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter’s first movie outing, the ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ from Beast Kingdom proudly presents a selection of 3-inch Mini Egg Attack figurines ready to please fans of the phenomenal...
RM438.00 RM372.30
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Beast Kingdom EAA-160 Marvel Avengers: Iron Man Mark 50 Limited Edition Egg Attack Action Figure
The many epic battle scenes from MarvelÌąâ€°ĂąÂ‰ĂŁÂąs Avengers Infinity War still linger in our collective memories! The sights and sounds of the gigantic, universe-spanning drama was unlike anything that had been put on screen before. A real feast for Marvel...
RM498.00 RM423.30
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