[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-038 Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mark 50 Helmet Battle Damaged Master Craft Figure Statue
Limited edition of 3000 pieces worldwide Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ proudly presents the latest in Master Craft, quality craftsmanship, The MC-038, Avengers Endgame, Battle Damaged Iron Man Helmet. Prior to the events of End Game, making their stand against...
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Beast Kingdom EA-047 Marvel Studios The First Ten Years Edition: Iron Man Mark 3 Floating Egg Attack Figure (Limited Metallic Black & Gold Edition)
Here comes the new limited edition EA-047 Marvel's Avengers Iron Man Special Edition (BLACK X GOLD).this figure uses electromagnetic attraction and repulsion to emulate a floating effect! Features: - 6 inch Iron Man Mark 3 Metallic Magnetic Floating Iron Man Mark...
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Beast Kingdom MEA-031SP Disney Stitch Series Asian Cuisine 2 Pack Mini Egg Attack Figure
Release Date: Q4, 2021 We all know Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch fame) is a food fanatic, and if we imagined him traveling the world we are confident he would find much to love in Asian cuisine. Beast Kingdom’s classic...
Beast Kingdom DAH-053 Disney Lilo & Stitch: Stitch 1:9 Scale Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q4, 2022 Product Measurements: 1/9 Approx. 18 cm ⚫ DAH Stitch figure with 12 movable joints⚫ Two interchangeable faces (normal and angry expressions)⚫ Two styles of interchangeable hands (open hand and holding an object)⚫ Accessories: sunglasses, ice cream cone,...
Beast Kingdom PBC-011 METAL SLUG 3 Series Pull Back Car Set
Release Date: Q3, 2022 「Heavy Machine Gun」Locked and loaded with your gaming memories!First launched in 1996, the side-scrolling shooting game ‘METAL SLUG’ has become synonymous with action. SNK’s cherished series has been serving fans deep gaming mechanics and detailed designs...
Beast Kingdom DAH-018 DC Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice: Armored Batman Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
DAH-018 Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice Armored Batman limited editionThe fight to end all fights! Batman’s challenge of the son of Krypton needed a battle suit of the highest durability to even stand a chance of going toe to toe!The...
Beast Kingdom MEA-024 LINE FRIENDS Suction Cup Series Toy Set Mini Egg Attack Figure (6pcs)
Release Date: Q4, 2021 ⚫ These figures are only sold as a set and cannot be bought individually⚫ There are a total of 9 figures: 6 basic figures in the set plus 3 different “mystery” figures in Tang dynasty clothes...
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[LIMITED 3,000 PIECES] Beast Kingdom MC-026 Marvel Avengers: Endgame Master Craft Nano Gauntlet 1/14,000,605 Futures 1:1 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
・Includes LED light-up function・Includes Micro USB cable x 1・USB Charger is not included And I...am...Iron Man!The movie ‘Avengers Endgame’ was a bittersweet farewell to one of the most iconic Superheros in movie history. Nearly ten years of world building led...
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Beast Kingdom MC-042 Disney Pixar Monsters, Inc. James P. Sullivan & Mike Wazowski 1:4 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
Limited to 3000 pieces worldwide Product Measurements340*255*H320mm 2001’s animated classic: Monsters, Inc. was an instant hit with movie goers the world over. Coming off the back of many blockbuster hits, Disney’s Pixar introduced a pair of extremely adorable monsters that...
Beast Kingdom EA-041 Marvel Spider-Man: No Way Home Spider-Man Black & Gold Suit Egg Attack Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2022 ⩁ Spider-Man Black & Gold suit, immovable figure, approximate height 17.5cm ⩁ Reproduces the texture and details of the fabric in Spider-Man’s black and gold suit⩁ Black magic style chest emblem and wrists light up with...
Beast Kingdom DAH-056 Batman 1989: Batman Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2022 ・DAH designed figure, with around 20 points of articulation ・Three (3) replaceable mouth sculpts (Regular, angry, smiling) ・Five (5) pairs of replacement hands (Fist, open, relaxed, gripping, dart gripping)・Suit made of PVC, with real fabric used...
Beast Kingdom MC-021SP DC Batman The Dark Knight Rises: The Dark Knight Memorial Statue White Faux Marble Texture Edition Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q3, 2021 Since the statues are hand-painted, the discontinuity of the marble pattern on the surface is a normal phenomenon No matter how long the night is, it’s always darkest before the dawn! Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’...
Beast Kingdom MEA-034 LINE FRIENDS Night-Night Series Set Mini Egg Attack Figures
⚫ The full set has six figures: Brown, Sally, Cony, Moon, Choco, Leonard⚫ The figures cannot be separated from their beds⚫ Characters & accessories: Brown – slippers, Choco – slippers, Cony – slippers and pillow; Leonard – slippers; Moon –...
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Beast Kingdom VPB-009 Disney Pixar Toy Story: Alien Remix Party Large Vinyl Piggy Bank (Blind Box - Random Pick)
Release Date: Q4, 2021 NOTE:‱ Buy LESS THAN 4 units get RANDOM CHARACTER‱ Buy 4 COMPLETE units get 4 UNIQUE CHARACTERS ・360-degree rotation for both arms ・Use of real cloth for the costume, split in two removable pieces・Four (4) Characters + one mystery character: (Hamm), (Nemo),...
Beast Kingdom DS-092 DC Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy: The Joker Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Release Date: Q3, 2021 *DS-092 and DS-093 can be combined to reproduce the movie scene. Dioramas sold separately Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is proud to introduce a new line D-Stage ‘Staging Your Dreams’ dioramas from the wonderfully dark world...
Beast Kingdom DS-091 DC Batman Dark Nights Metal: The Merciless Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
*DS-092 and DS-093 can be combined to reproduce the movie scene. Dioramas sold separately Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is proud to introduce a new line D-Stage ‘Staging Your Dreams’ dioramas from the wonderfully dark world of DC’s Batman! The...
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Beast Kingdom DAH-069 Disney DuckTales Huey Dewey Louie Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figures
Release Date: Q4, 2021 ・Classic Duck Tales design, standing at approximately 3-inches tall・Over 12 point of articulation ・Two (2) replaceable mouth sculpts (open, closed) ・Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands・Three (3) dedicated fishing rods・Three (3) fish ・One (1) football・One (1)...
Beast Kingdom Toy Story 4: Egg Attack Keychain Series - Ducky and Bunny
Purchase Notes: - Please pay attention to children and pets to avoid the risk of suffocation. - Contains small parts. Please place the product in a place where pets and children are not easy to get, and avoid dangers such as swallowing. -...
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Beast Kingdom Disney Princess Egg Attack Keychain - Mulan Series
Features:- Beast Kindom Disney Princess Egg Attack Key Chain - Mulan (Limited)- Designed as a Mulan with keychain- Let you attach it to your keys or bag for convenient- Official Disney authorized product- Designed by Beast KindomPackage Contents:1 x Beast...
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Beast Kingdom DS-047 Disney Mickey Mouse The Band Concert Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Product DescriptionReleased in 1935, the animated short The Band Concert made cinematic history with the first appearance of Mickey Mouse in full Technicolor! Beast Kingdom proudly presents a new addition to the 90th anniversary celebrations encapsulating Disney's everlasting magic and...
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Beast Kingdom EA-015 Star Wars Episode V: R2-D2 Egg Attack Figure
Beast Kingdom - Egg Attack Statue - EA-015 - Star Wars Episode V - R2D2A resourceful astromech droid, R2-D2 showing great bravery in rescuing his masters Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker served and their friends from many perils. He is...
Beast Kingdom EAA-101 Batman The Animated Series: Batman Egg Attack Action Figure
Model: Egg Attack Action Figure (EAA) EAA101The Dark Knight returns, this time with a faithful reproduction of one of the world’s most celebrated animations: Batman: The Animated Series! A slightly more series take on our caped crusader, this film-noir style...
Beast Kingdom DS-045 SNK Metal Slug 3-SV-001/II Metal Slug Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Release Date: Q3, 2022 Product Measurements : 6 inch Approx. 15-16cm ‘Heavy Machine Gun’ the immortal phrase from one of the most famous side-scrolling video games ever made! What do you think of when you hear that classic sentence? A barrage...
Beast Kingdom DS-082 Marvel Avengers Endgame: Thor Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ takes fans of the Avengers back to the very last stand against Thanos with the release of two ‘Endgame ’themed D-Stage dioramas to collect and cherish, with two of the most celebrated characters ready to...
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