Beast Kingdom MC-067 How to Train Your Dragon 2 Master Craft Toothless 1:4 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
Product Measurements: W38*42*H24cm ⦁ Highly detailed recreation ⦁ Manual injection molding, with professionally graded paint⦁ Exclusive iron set plaque⦁ Limited to 3,000 sets worldwide At the farthest corners of our world, in a realm where mighty dragons reign supreme, a captivating tale...
Beast Kingdom MC-021SP DC Batman The Dark Knight Rises: The Dark Knight Memorial Statue White Faux Marble Texture Edition Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q3, 2021 Since the statues are hand-painted, the discontinuity of the marble pattern on the surface is a normal phenomenon No matter how long the night is, it’s always darkest before the dawn! Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’...
Beast Kingdom MC-055 Disney Pixar Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear 1:4 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
Product Measurements: Approx. 40cm height Pixar is ready to take fans back to the world of Toy Story with the very first solo animated movie outing of Buzz Lightyear! ‘Lightyear’ focuses on Buzz’s origin story, focusing on the Space Trooper earning...
Soap Studio CA196 FLIN Barney Figure
Is that Benny from The Flintstones? What made him point so excitedly into the distance when he saw it? Benny, who is about 48 centimeters tall, wears a Stone Age costume made of fabric and has round eyes. And the classic...
Beast Kingdom MC-074 WALL-E Master Craft WALL-E
Release Date:  Q3 2024 "WALL-E," a Pixar animation classic, is set on a deserted, garbage-covered Earth in the year 2805. Humans have fled to space, leaving behind WALL-E, the only working cleanup robot still functioning. WALL-E, a curious and lonely...
RM1,184.00 RM1,065.60
Beast Kingdom MC-058 Beauty And The Beast Master Craft Beast
Release Date:  Q3 2024 "In the journey of life, there are always miracles that change everything! The tale of 'Beauty and the Beast' starts off with a prince being cursed to live as a Beast, and together with his loyal...
RM1,184.00 RM1,065.60
Beast Kingdom MC-025SP Pinocchio Master Craft Pinocchio Special Edition (Wooden Ver.)
Release Date:  Q1, 2024 (1-3) - Recreating the iconic Pinocchio using detailed, wood grain effect.- Manual injection molding, with professionally graded paint- Exclusive iron set plaque- Limited to 999 sets worldwide Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who longed to become a...
Soap Studio CA193 Adventure Time-Jake and Big Buddy Finn Figure
Big Buddy Jake is in a relaxing sitting posture with Finn and BMO frolicking on top of his head. By looking at BMO’s delighted expression with his hands lifted up, Finn is also cheer up and revealing his iconic smile...
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