Beast Kingdom MC-056 DC Black Adam 1:4 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q4, 2023 Product Measurements: Approx. 38cm height After being endowed with the power of the ancient gods and imprisoned for nearly 5,000 years, Black-Adam was finally freed from his enshrined tomb, and awoke in the modern world brandishing his...
MC-065SP Disney Master Craft Tuxedo Donald Duck (With Chip'n Dale)
Release Date:  Q2 2024 (4-6)   Welcome the dashing Donald Duck as he makes an entrance in his new tuxedo! But wait, this time he’s also joined by his favorite's cheeky chipmunk duo, Chip and Dale. Beast Kingdom’s Master Craft...
Beast Kingdom MC-081 Rick and Morty Master Craft Rick & Morty
Release Date:  Q2, 2024 Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is introducing a new D.A.H (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) action figure collection from the fantastically wacky world of "Rick and Morty". Rick and Morty, with a little help from Beast Kingdom, invite...
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