Beast Kingdom MDS-001 Alice in Wonderland Series Set Mini Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Release Date: Q4, 2022 Product Measurements: MDS10cm Beast Kingdom’s 2022 product line will include a launch of new Mini D-Stage series. The overall height of each diorama is approximately 10 centimeters and the classic characters are beautifully presented. Each figure is...
Beast Kingdom DAH-029 Disney Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End: Davy Jones Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q4, 2021 ・20 points of articulation・Replaceable captain’s coat and right arm, made of PVC・Removable captain’s hat・Davy Jones broadsword ・Sheath for sword・Dead Man’s Chest (Chest can be opened)・Removable cane ・One pipe・Three (3) replaceable right hands (cane-holding hand, sword-holding hand...
RM658.00 RM559.30
Beast Kingdom DAH-049 DC Batman : The Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman 1:9 Scale Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2023 Product Measurements: Approx. 21.5cm height ⚫ DAH design action figure, with around 20 points of articulation⚫ One Bruce Wayne head sculpt (Usable with DAH-043, 044DX Batman) ⚫ Two (2) replaceable head sculpts with mask (Fully covered, damaged)...
RM568.00 RM511.20
Beast Kingdom Mini DS-002 Disney Pixar Olaf Presents Series Set Mini Diorama Stage Figure
Product Measurements: Approx9.5cm ‘Love is putting someone else’s needs before you’: Olaf. A miniature dream under Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’. Join the winter fun with a collection of snowy Mini-Diorama designs, presented by the wonderfully cute Olaf as he dresses...
RM658.00 RM592.20
Beast Kingdom EAF-001 Infinity Saga Ironman Stealth Mode Egg Attack Floating
Release Date: Q1, 2024 2008 will forever be etched in movie history as the year that officially kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe that fans know and love today. While many movies had been launched prior, it was Iron Man...
RM599.00 RM539.10
Beast Kingdom EA-043 Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Egg Attack Figure Statue
Product Measurements: W24*D16.5*H18cm - Limited to 3,000 sets worldwide- Classic, yet exciting design - Q-style release - Exquisite sculpting and coloring techniques Grogu is a beloved character from "The Mandalorian", "Star Wars" franchise. Despite being over 50 years old, he has...
RM612.00 RM550.80
Beast Kingdom MEA-026 Illumination Entertainment Minions series Set (8pcs) Mini Egg Attack Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2022 Product Measurements : Approx. 3 inch8cm ⊁ Characters and bases are attached together and cannot be disassembled ⊁ Behind each character is a backboard with different themes Bello!! The miniature, yellow Minions are back with a bang...
Soap Studio DY019 Mickey Love Hand Bust
Mickey and Minnie are two of the most representative characters of Disney. These two busts are about 23cm high and 27cm high respectively, with delicate lines to portray Mickey and Minnie's appearance. Their heart-shaped hand gestures with their sweet and...
Soap Studio CA271 Tom and Jerry - Guess Who Figure
The cute and smart Jerry is hugged by an elephant, this seemingly ordinary picture actually hides a mystery. Looking at the elephant’s back, a familiar gray-white tail is revealed, and the shape of cat ears are vaguely on the back...
Beast Kingdom DAH-035 DC: The Suicide Squad King Shark Nanaue 1:9 Scale Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q4, 2022 Product Measurements: 1/9 Approx. 21 cm height Place an order during the pre-order period will automatically receive the orange colour short pants made of real fabric. ・Dedicated DAH designed King Shark Nanaue, with around 12 points of articulation ・Two...
Soap Studio CA109 Tom and Jerry: Musketeers Vinyl Bust Figure Statue
Tom has been ordered to assure the banquet run smoothly under the threat of being executed. While the Musketeers Jerry and Tuffy broke into the banquet to ruin the party. Looks like a war is coming. This vinyl bust combining...
Beast Kingdom DAH-063 DC Dark Nights: Death Metal Batman Who Laughs 1:9 Scale Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q3, 2022 ・DAH designed slim figure, with around 26 points of articulation ・Two (2) replaceable head sculpts (Regular, laughing) ・A pair of detachable wings・A long handled sickle ・Four (4) pairs of replaceable hands (Fist, open, gripping, holding sickle)...
RM588.00 RM529.20
Beast Kingdom DAH-071 SNK Samurai Shodown: Jubei Yagyu Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Release Date: Q2, 2022 ⚫ DAH design body, with around 22 points of articulation ⚫ Three (3) replaceable head sculpts (regular, angry, grinning )⚫ Six (6) pairs of replaceable hands (fist, open*2, holding weapon, Dango)⚫ Two (2) Samurai swords (Katana)...
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