Beast Kingdom MC-050 Ultraman Master Craft Ultraman Tiga 1:4 Scale Master Craft Figure Statue
Release Date: Q4, 2023 Product Measurements: Approx. 41.5cm height ⦁ Highly detailed recreation ⦁ Manual injection molding, with professionally grade paint⦁ Exclusive iron set plaque⦁ Limited to 3,000 sets worldwide ウルトラマンはさらに進化! 敵の特徴に合わせて3タイプに変身する超マルチ戦士!After thirty million years, the appearances of the Golza and the...
RM991.00 RM891.90
Beast Kingdom DAH-063DX DC: Dark Night Metal - The Batman Who Laughs with Robin 1:9 Scale Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
Product Measurements: The Batman:Approx. 20 cm height, Robin:Approx. 14 cm height - 1:9 scale action figure- Photorealistic modeling- Plentiful accessories and equipment- Detailed sculpture and painting category- Limited winter edition release Amongst all the characters of DC multiverse, The Batman Who Laughs...
RM996.00 RM846.60
Beast Kingdom DAH-046SP Medieval Knight Iron Man Gold Version Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure
・DAH designed body, with around 19 points of articulation ・Two replaceable head (Full helmet & Opened helmet with face).  ・Built in light-up LED in chest arc-reactor   ・Four (4) types of replaceable hands ・Long-sword and sheath  ・Shield  ・Spear  ・Two (2) wrist...
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