Beast Kingdom MC-074 WALL-E Master Craft WALL-E
Release Date:  Q3 2024 "WALL-E," a Pixar animation classic, is set on a deserted, garbage-covered Earth in the year 2805. Humans have fled to space, leaving behind WALL-E, the only working cleanup robot still functioning. WALL-E, a curious and lonely...
RM1,184.00 RM1,065.60
Beast Kingdom DS-074 Disney PIXAR WALL-E Diorama Stage D-Stage Figure Statue
Release Date: Q1, 2023 Product Measurements: 6 inch=12.9-14.1 cm The story of Wall-E starts off with a ravaged Earth in the year 2805. With humanity long gone, the planet is full of waste and garbage. A fleet of cleaning robots scourge...
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