Vaccinated? Here's USD 5. 💉💪💰💰💰


Q: What is Your Shot to Vaccine Rewards?
A: This campaign is a Beast-Kingdom initiative to reward anyone who have been vaccinated, in returns of a USD 5 (or MYR25) coupon code.

Q: What is the period of the campaign?
A: The campaign starts from August 1st 2021 until September 30th 2021.

Q: What are terms of the coupon?
A: It is a no minimum spend USD 5 (or MYR25) discount, applies to storewide including in stock AND pre order merchandises. Validity starts from the day you received the coupon until October 31st 2021. Coupon is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash, it can only be applied on

Q: How to send my vaccination proof?
A: The step is fairly simple, just send us a screenshot of your 1st OR 2nd dose vaccination from your contact tracing app OR vaccination cert OR any form of proof, then send it to our email: with email subject title: I'm Vaccinated! We'll reply to your email within the next 48 hours with a Unique Coupon Code, which ready-to-apply instantly.

See example below:

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